Healthcare Specials

We help save you time, so you can focus on what matters most. On a daily basis, we cater rounds, lunch & learns, in service and more in many GTA hospitals and corporate offices.

iCater provides a premium experience regardless of budget. We help you by providing:
  • Timely delivery & full setup – you do not have to be present to receive food
  • Digital invoicing – pay online securely at your convenience
  • Disposable paper plates, cutlery, serving utensils & more
  • Food & beverages neatly arranged on disposable tablecloth for easy clean-up
Minimum order is for 15 guests. We can accommodate dietary restrictions. 

Breakfast Specials

$11.95 SPECIAL ($12.95)

1. Morning Favourites Platter – An elegant display of our freshly baked muffins, miniature all-butter croissants, scones and fruit danishes with assorted fruit preserves and butter.
2. Coffee service
3. Pure Florida orange juice (Tropicana or similar)

$15.95 SPECIAL ($16.95)

1. Scrambled eggs with breakfast meat
2. Breakfast potatoes
3. Assorted freshly baked bread basket
4. Coffee service
5. Pure Florida orange juice (Tropicana or similar)

Sandwich Specials

Deal Maker
$13.95 SPECIAL ($14.95)

1. Assorted tortilla wraps filled with a variety of deli meats, cheeses, fresh vegetables & delicious spreads.
2. Salad of your choice: Garden, Potato Salad or Chickpea Tomato Olive.

$18.95 SPECIAL ($19.95)

1. Gourmet sandwiches served on artisan breads – Smoked salmon & cream cheese, piri piri chicken breast with swiss cheese, medium rare roast beef and Montreal smoked meat topped with delicious cheeses
2. Second assortment of sandwiches on fresh kaiser buns – Seasoned roast beef, smoked Virginia ham, seasoned pastrami, tuna salad & egg salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
3. Assortment of wraps using tomato basil, spinach, plain & whole wheat tortillas – Smoked salmon & cream cheese, grilled chicken & teriyaki grilled peppers and turkey delight with Mandarin oranges. Accented with pitas filled with chicken caesar, roast beef with horseradish aioli and roast vegetables tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette
4. Salad of your choice: Bowtie Pasta, Grilled Vegetable, Sunset, Island Breeze, Homemade Greek
5. Cookie/dessert square
6. Pop/water

Favourite Box
$17.95 SPECIAL ($18.95)

Choice of any lunch box selection listed below and a drink (pop/water)

Premium Box
$18.95 SPECIAL ($19.95)

Choice of any lunch box selection listed below, potato chips and a drink (pop/water)


Chicken Wrap and Pita – Gourmet half wrap filled with grilled chicken and a light herb mayo, half a pita filled with julienne grilled veggies, bowtie pasta salad in a sundried tomato dressing and a dessert square

Smoked Ham & Chicken Caesar – Virginia smoked ham & swiss cheese on a mini bun, half a pita filled with chicken caesar and topped with real bacon bits and parmesan cheese, spring thyme potato salad and a dessert square

Veggie Delight – Buffalo tofu in half wrap, half pita filled with roasted vegetables, chickpea, tomato and olive salad and fresh fruit salad

Roasted Turkey – Oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry sauce on mini bun, half wrap filled with marinated roasted vegetables, balsamic marinated vegetable salad and fresh fruit salad

Salmon Salad – Traditional salmon salad in a mini bun, half a pita filled with marinated fresh vegetables, tomato, cucumber salad and fresh fruit salad

Chicken on Greens (gluten free) – Grilled seasoned chicken breast on a bed of mixed greens, marinated vegetable salad and fresh fruit salad.

International Specials

Pizza, Drink & Salad Combo
$9.95 SPECIAL ($10.95)

1. Gourmet meat and vegetarian pizzas
2. Served with green salad
3. Assortment of pop and water

Cannelloni with Ricotta Cheese & Spinach
$12.95 SPECIAL ($14.95)

Served with a garden salad and freshly baked bread

Chicken Souvlaki Dinner 1
$13.95 SPECIAL ($14.95)

Served with Greek salad, rice or roasted potatoes & tzatziki

Butter Chicken Delight – Option 1
$14.95 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Butter chicken, daal (lentils), aloo ghobi (cauliflower & potatoes), naan bread, basmati pullao rice & katchumber salad

Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef with Broccoli + Fried Noodles – Option 3
$14.95 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Fried noodles + vegetables, sweet and sour chicken, beef with broccoli, manchurian vegetable balls in a tangy sauce & steamed rice

Beef Kebab Dinner 2
$14.95 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Served with Greek salad, rice, roasted potatoes & tzatziki

Entrée Specials

Roasted Chicken Leg – Quarter
$12.95 SPECIAL ($13.95)

Marinated and slow roasted with our in-house blend of spices.

Roasted Pepper and Garlic Chicken
$13.95 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Chicken breast with the bone in, packed full of flavour from a mix of fennel, oregano, black pepper, garlic and roasted peppers.

Homemade Beef Lasagna
$14.95 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Made the traditional way with our special three cheese blend. Available in portions of 8 or 16.

Homemade Vegetarian Lasagna
$14.95 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Made the traditional way with our special three cheese blend. Available in portions of 8 or 16

Chicken Kafta with Feta & Spinach
$15.95 SPECIAL ($16.95)

Marinated chicken kaftas with spinach and feta cheese, served with tzatziki sauce.