Healthcare Specials

We help save you time, so you can focus on what matters most. On a daily basis, we cater rounds, lunch & learns, in service and more in many GTA hospitals and corporate offices.

iCater provides a premium experience regardless of budget. We help you by providing:
  • Timely delivery & full setup – you do not have to be present to receive food
  • Digital invoicing – pay online securely at your convenience
  • Disposable paper plates, cutlery, serving utensils & more
  • Food & beverages neatly arranged on disposable tablecloth for easy clean-up
Minimum order is for 15 guests. We can accommodate dietary restrictions. 

Breakfast Specials

Cold Breakfast
$9.45 SPECIAL ($10.95)

1. Freshly baked full-sized muffins (chocolate caramel, field berry, apple sucre a la crème), full-sized bagels with cream cheese, butter and assorted fruit preserves, miniature all butter croissants
2. Coffee service

Hot Breakfast
$14.45 SPECIAL ($15.95)

1. Scrambled eggs with breakfast meat
2. Breakfast potatoes
3. Assorted freshly baked bread basket
4. Coffee service

Sandwich Specials

$18.95 SPECIAL ($19.95)

1. Gourmet sandwiches served on artisan breads – Smoked salmon & cream cheese, oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry pesto, crab salad, medium rare roast beef and Montreal smoked meat topped with delicious cheeses
2. Second assortment of sandwiches on fresh kaiser buns – Seasoned roast beef, smoked Virginia ham, seasoned pastrami, tuna salad & egg salad with lettuce, tomato and cucumber
3. Assortment of wraps using tomato basil, spinach, plain & whole wheat tortillas – Smoked salmon & cream cheese, grilled chicken & teriyaki grilled peppers and turkey delight with Mandarin oranges. Accented with pitas filled with chicken caesar, roast beef with horseradish aioli and roast vegetables tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette
4. Salad of your choice: Bowtie Pasta, Grilled Vegetable, Sunset, Island Breeze, Homemade Greek
5. Cookie/dessert square
6. Pop/water

Premium Box
$18.95 SPECIAL ($19.95)

Choice of any lunch box selection listed below, potato chips and a drink (pop/water)

Favourite Box
$17.95 SPECIAL ($18.95)

Choice of any lunch box selection listed below and a drink (pop/water)


Chicken Wrap and Pita – Gourmet half wrap filled with grilled chicken and a light herb mayo, half a pita filled with julienne grilled veggies, bowtie pasta salad in a sundried tomato dressing and a dessert square

Smoked Ham & Chicken Caesar – Virginia smoked ham & swiss cheese on a mini bun, half a pita filled with chicken caesar and topped with real bacon bits and parmesan cheese, spring thyme potato salad and a dessert square

Veggie Delight – Buffalo tofu in half wrap, half pita filled with roasted vegetables, chickpea, tomato and olive salad and fresh fruit salad

Roasted Turkey – Oven roasted turkey breast with cranberry sauce on mini bun, half wrap filled with marinated roasted vegetables, balsamic marinated vegetable salad and fresh fruit salad

Salmon Salad – Traditional salmon salad in a mini bun, half a pita filled with marinated fresh vegetables, tomato, cucumber salad and fresh fruit salad

Chicken on Greens (gluten free) – Grilled seasoned chicken breast on a bed of mixed greens, marinated vegetable salad and fresh fruit salad.

International Specials

Beef Shawarma Sandwich
$8.45 SPECIAL ($9.95)

Authentic shawarma in a pita with lettuce, onions, tomatoes hummus, tahini & garlic sauce

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
$8.45 SPECIAL ($9.95)

Authentic shawarma in a pita with lettuce, onions, tomatoes hummus, tahini & garlic sauce

Falafel Sandwich
$8.45 SPECIAL ($9.95)

Crispy falafel balls with cabbage slaw, tomatoes, onions, tahini & a hint of hot sauce

Sweet & Sour Chicken + Fried Noodles – Option 2
$12.95 SPECIAL ($13.95)

Fried noodles + vegetables, sweet & sour chicken, mixed vegetables + fried tofu & steamed rice

Pizza, Drink & Salad Combo
$9.95 SPECIAL ($10.95)

1. Gourmet meat and vegetarian pizzas
2. Served with green salad
3. Assortment of pop and water

Pad Thai + Ginger Chicken + Beef with Oyster Sauce – Option 1
$13.45 SPECIAL ($14.95)

Pad Thai noodles,ginger chicken, beef with oyster sauce & jasmine steamed rice

Beef Kebab Dinner 2
$14.45 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Served with Greek salad, rice, roasted potatoes & tzatziki

Signature BBQ Peri Peri Chicken Leg
$15.45 SPECIAL ($16.95)

Our signature peri peri chicken leg served with seasoned rice or potato wedges and green salad

Butter Chicken + Chicken Tikka Special – Option 2
$16.95 SPECIAL ($18.95)

Butter Chicken, Chicken tikka masala, mixed vegetables, channa masala, naan bread, basmati pullao rice & katchumber salad

Entrée Specials

Three Colour Cheese Tortellini – Vegetarian
$14.45 SPECIAL ($15.95)

Served in a zesty marinara sauce with served with garlic bread or dinner rolls with butter & becel.

Penne Pasta with Grilled Chicken
$15.45 SPECIAL ($16.95)

Served with a garden salad and freshly baked bread