Why You Should Serve Hors D’oeurves At Your Next Catered Event

While planning a menu for any event, including Hors D’oeurves is a great addition. These small yet exquisite snacks play an important part of any traditional menu. These are perfect for any party and provide scope for guests to socialize. These appetizers range from formal canapés to seasonal crudités made of vegetable. Based on the nature of your event and number of expected guests, these appetizers are served. Though often considered an inexpensive option, it will not essentially reduce the overall cost of food. It is labor intensive but with Toronto catering services you can make it an economical option. These add fun and frolic to your event.

Reasons for serving appetizers

Wait staff can serve appetizers to seated guests at a dining table or can be made available for self-service on a buffet table or multiple cruiser tables. Hors D’oeurves are segregated as butlered or planted based on the style in which they are delivered. There are a host of reasons for including these appetizers in any event.

  • In wedding receptions, these appetizers are quite predominant. These dishes provide bride and groom extra room to be ready for the reception. In fact, guests also get time to socialize on these small bites. If there is no gap between wedding and reception, then this meal is the perfect fit for your event.
  • Another reason for serving these appetizers is in cocktail parties. These small bites help guests to mingle with each other. If you do not have adequate space for your guests to sit then serve these. With services of catering Toronto, you can decide on platters that will be served in the event.
  • For your company’s annual meeting or any other event, you can have a wide platter of appetizers so that staff can nibble on them between the meals and throughout the day. Depending on the nature of the event you can choose a formal or casual menu for the event. Quesadillas, tartlets, caprese skewers are examples of what can be included in the menu.

Effective planning of the menu

You can also replace traditional meals with Hors D’oeurves, but you need to provide ample quantity if you plan on doing this. Services of planning experts will be beneficial in this regard. For different catered events, the choice of menus will be different. Hors D’oeurves for a cocktail party should be such that beverages should mix with these food items seamlessly. Theme of the party, duration, nature of the event all are considered while planning the menu of this event. In fact, time of the day also plays an important role while deciding the menu. However, it is essential to opt for light food option so that your guests are not too full for the main course being served.


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