Hope You’re Staying Safe!

While COVID-19 has caught us all quite off guard, we hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

We unfortunately had to temporarily shut our doors by mid March but hope to be back in full swing once possible.

On the plus side it’s turned some of us into wonderful chefs and bakers – we’ve had tons of beautiful pictures shared with us!

Here are 5 of the fun things we’ve been doing:

  1. Going on online safaris – The guys at &Beyond broadcast live twice a day
  2. Going through every streaming service watching all types of fun stuff – Here’s a list of all the streaming services available to Canadians
  3. Taking train rides throughout Europe – Travel & Leisure magazine has a great list
  4. Getting the garden ready to grow some nice, fresh vegetables – This is our go to resource on gardening
  5. Playing Bingo online with friends – We take turn on who creates the cards and try to change up the themes every week – We’ve been using Bingo Baker and it’s worked pretty well

Look forward to seeing you soon!