3 Great Wines To Mark A Memorable Event

The journey of wine dates back to centuries across various civilizations. In olden times, it was limited to growing grapes and producing wine. Over centuries, both history and wine have influenced each other. For your grand event, you will want to serve the best wine to your guests. Hiring the services of professional caterers is a must for a successful party. If you want to serve the best wine to your guests, then you can ask caterers to serve the best and most popular wines. If you want to enlist the popular wines, then you can have a look at various online and other resources that are rich with names of famous wines.

Appropriate choice of spirit

Popular brands will grace the table and make every moment of your party memorable. The aroma of these spirits will arouse your senses. A few popular wines that you should ask Toronto catering services are:

  • Bodegas Trapiche 2012 Extra Brut Sparkling – This sparkling wine is perfect for any grand celebration. It is crisp and bright and has a pleasant flavor. This citrusy wine originates from Trapiche, the manufacturers of a wide assortment of wines.
  • Guigal Ermitage Ex-Voto – This vintage red wine originates in France. Rich grapes are used for manufacturing this fruit-flavored wine. Enthusiasts count this variant among the top ten most popular wines.
  • Freixenet Cordon Rosado Cava Selección – The light, clean and crisp wine is versatile and pairs perfectly with a variety of cuisines. It is well balanced and has a fruity flavor of pear, apple, and ginger.

Demand for wine for celebrating different occasions is quite high. If you want to stand out as a host, including the above-mentioned wines can be a good effort, these will reflect your panache. With catering Toronto, you can be stress-free as they have the manual dexterity of serving these sparkling drinks in appropriate glassware.


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