10 Refreshing and Healthy-ish Beverages to Stay Cool This Summer!

On a hot summer day, nothing beats a cold, refreshing drink! Whether you’re on vacation, sunbathing in the backyard, hanging out poolside or spending the day at the beach, a cool drink is the perfect companion to combat the summer heat.

Unfortunately, many of the most delicious summer drinks are not always the healthiest choice. That’s why we’ve searched for some cool beverages that are both tasty and low in calories, giving you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy these drinks without feeling guilty this summer.

If you want to stay refreshed without sacrificing your summer body goals, you should make your way through this entire list of ten yummy and reasonably healthy drink recipes that we think you’ll love. You’ll find options with and without alcohol so that no one is left out of the fun! You can add or subtract alcohol as desired with these beverages – feel free to have fun with these recipes!

  1. Summer Fruit Daiquiris

This icy drink is packed with healthy fruit like watermelon, peaches, strawberries, and mango. You can make it an adult beverage with light rum, or you can substitute orange juice to create a summer treat appropriate for all ages. Try it by the pool, at the beach, or on a fun summer day with family and friends. However or wherever you serve them, you’re sure to enjoy these Summer Fruit Daiquiris.

See the full recipe here.

  1. Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

For a delicious twist on a classic hot-day beverage, just add fresh blueberry syrup to a pitcher of homemade lemonade. You’ll be shocked that this sweet, tangy Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade can be thrown together in 10 minutes or less. It’s also alcohol-free, so the whole family or all your guests can cool off while enjoying a delicious glass. (If you’re even willing to share, that is!)

See the full recipe here.

  1. Guilt-Free Margaritas

Margaritas are a popular favorite, but they’re also one of the least healthy (and most rich) cocktail options. This summer, save calories without skimping on taste by replacing triple sec with lime juice, orange zest, agave syrup, and mint. These refreshing summertime flavors served on the rocks make the Guilt-Free Margarita a perfect poolside drink to share with friends. You can also enjoy solo while sunbathing, reading, or otherwise relaxing in the sunshine.

See the full recipe here.

  1. Strawberry Limeade Slushies

These super easy Strawberry Limeade Slushies require nothing but berries, lime juice, a blender, some ice, and someone to enjoy them. Try serving them at a backyard barbecue or summertime party. The sweet, refreshing slushies are non-alcoholic and sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. Of course, feel free to splash in some vodka or rum if you and your guests want to spice it up a notch.

See the full recipe here.

  1. The Firecracker

The refreshing flavors of watermelon, lime, cucumber and mint collide in this fun summer cocktail. The recipe calls for cucumber vodka, but you can use regular vodka and cucumber slices if you need a substitute. Either way, the cucumber adds an especially cool and refreshing touch. With a name like The Firecracker, this cold and zesty drink could make an excellent addition to your upcoming 150th Canada Day festivities!

See the full recipe here.

  1. Double Apple Iced Tea

Iced tea is another classic drink to sip on a hot day, but the apple juice and fresh apples in this Double Apple Iced Tea make it extra refreshing and flavorful. Create a drink that you and other adults will enjoy while also pleasing your apple juice-loving kids. And with just five minutes of prep time, you can whip up a pitcher of apple iced tea without slowing down on any of your summertime activities.

See the full recipe here.

  1. Sweet Tea Sangria

Looking for a more adult twist on iced tea? Try this easy and delicious Sweet Tea Sangria. Start with a pitcher of your very favorite sweet tea, then add a bottle of your preferred white wine. Next, toss in some fresh raspberries and peach slices. The most time-consuming step is letting it chill, but this cold and fruity drink is well worth the wait! Sweet Tea Sangria also looks beautiful, so it’s a great drink to serve at a barbecue, brunch, or even an elegant shower.

See the full recipe here.

  1. Virgin Frozen Margaritas

Another way to enjoy a margarita while cutting some of those pesky calories is to skip the alcohol entirely. This extra chilly margarita recipe is fast, easy, and delicious, and anyone can enjoy it. The tart tastes of lime and grapefruit juice blend perfectly with the sugar-rimmed glass, making these Virgin Frozen Margaritas another fun and tasty way to beat the heat.

See the full recipe here.

  1. Maui Island Breeze Cocktail

Festive drinks make everything more fun, and the Maui Island Breeze Cocktail is no exception. This simple drink combines vodka, pineapple juice, and cranberry for a refreshing tropical treat. There are two recipe options: one for a tasty party punch for guests and another if you want to enjoy this cocktail as a party of one. This island-style drink will pair perfectly with loud summer festivities or with a good book and a peaceful, relaxing afternoon.

See the full recipe here.

  1. Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer

Lemon juice, raspberry jam, fresh raspberries, San Pellegrino Limonata, and mint create this cool and flavorful summer drink. These Raspberry Lemonade Spritzers are a good option for serving at a party or get-together, enjoying by the pool, or simply sipping on the porch. They’re another alcohol-free option that the kiddos can enjoy as well. But as always, feel free to splash in some rum or vodka if your heart desires. It is summertime, after all.

See the full recipe here.


The versatile drinks on this list can be sipped by adults only, shared with children, served at fun summer festivities, or enjoyed alone on warm and relaxing afternoons. No matter what you have planned, these drinks will pair well with a variety of summer activities. They’re also easy, affordable, and relatively healthy. We hope that the tasty, ice-cold drinks we’ve suggested here will keep you cool all summer long. Enjoy!