Less is More With Minimalist Event Catering Options

When it comes to planning events going into 2012, fewer people are going for events that use a full service caterer. Instead, many people planning events are going with Toronto catering companies that offer more minimal types of food options. Having a full dinner service isn’t the trendy thing anymore, and the times are changing. When you go with a minimalist approach to catering, you create a much more social atmosphere. On top of that, you usually save money when compared to a regular dinner service. Your guests will love a minimalist catering service.


One traditional option for finger food is small sandwiches. However, just because this is a traditional choice doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. Instead of going with Toronto caterers that will simply throw together regular old sandwiches, keep in mind that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of what you want to put on your sandwiches. If you really want to stand out, one approach is to use less typical meats like venison or bacon. These meats are tasty and will bring a fresh feeling to the food at your event. On top of the novelty factor, you’ll also find that it’s very easy to keep things from becoming messy with small, hand-held sandwiches.


If you’re the kind of person who really likes your meat, then you might shy away from minimalist options because of the lack of a good piece of meat to work with as the center of a meal. People with this point of view should consider offering miniature kabobs that have a lot more flavor than most finger foods and that are also much more original. While miniature kabobs might cost a little more than many other types of minimalist foods, most of the companies catering Toronto will be able to put together some kabobs that your guests will absolutely love. These are great for dipping in various sauces, and you can also provide vegetable-only kabobs if you need a vegetarian option.


Sometimes you don’t want meat to be the center of a minimalist catering service. In those cases, you’ll still want to pack the food full of flavor with a nice array of fruits and vegetables. Small pieces of fruit or vegetables dipped in sauce is a traditional type of finger food that is extremely inexpensive. What’s great about this option is that the Toronto catering company of your choice can serve up a lot of different options that will appeal to different people. For a creative twist, you can offer a number of less common fruits in a cup with a small toothpick that your guests will use to eat with.


When it comes to dessert, most companies that are catering Toronto will have a certain type of cupcake that they specialize in. Custom cupcakes are extremely popular right now and they work great in a minimalist setting. You can get cupcakes in almost any type of flavor, so pick something that is appropriate for the event. However, it’s best if you offer at least two different flavors so that you can appeal to a larger number of your guests without making anyone feel left out.


Besides cupcakes, another great minimalist dessert option is miniature milkshakes. Many smaller chain restaurants have been cranking out specialty milkshakes for a while, Toronto catering businesses are catching up with the trend by providing their own miniature versions. These desserts are colorful and tasty, and they will get you a lot of props as an excellent event planner. Just remember that you should serve these milkshakes with a straw or a spoon depending on whether the event will be informal or formal, respectively.


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