Five Fun Themes for Event Catering

Planning an event is difficult if you don’t have a general idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. Your job can be made much easier if you decide on a theme for your event since every single decision will be made in the context of the theme that you’re trying to put together. A single thematic idea can be the north star that guides all of your efforts, but the theme doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve got five awesome themes that you can bring up with your Toronto caterers and use to create an awesome menu and an interesting event.

Cruise Ship Theme

A cool theme to use if you plan on serving fish and seafood is based around a cruise ship. The decorations and color schemes for this kind of theme are easy to come up with and inexpensive to put into action. Almost every Toronto catering company will be able to come up with a menu that fits the cruise ship theme, so you should have no shortage of menu ideas when it comes time to plan. This theme works best with informal or semi-formal events that aren’t expected to be strict and super serious.

Wild Safari Theme

Another fun theme to try is a wild safari or jungle theme. The companies that are catering Toronto often want a chance to use atypical ingredients to put together meals, and an event planned around this theme can give them an opportunity to do just that. Serving venison and other less-common meats is a good way to get started, and green vegetables help to balance out the meal. Events with a wild safari theme should use a moderate amount of decoration for informal affairs and a small amount of subtle decoration when the event is formal.

Summer Cookout Theme

Just because you’re having an event indoors doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the food and atmosphere of a summer cookout. Toronto caterers will be able to provide excellent burgers, hot dogs, fries and other summer treats no matter what time of year your event will be held, so you shouldn’t be shy about the season. In fact, holding this type of event during the winter months can be a great escape for your guests. While it may seem obvious, this type of theme is best for informal events because of the association with a cookout, which is typically an informal event itself.

Farm Theme

One of the most flexible themes available is a farm-based meal that includes a variety of vegetables, chicken, pork chops and other foods. The farm theme is great because there is a lot that your Toronto catering company can do with it, and it doesn’t require a lot of decoration. You can also use a farm theme for semi-formal or formal events as long as you present it in an appropriate light. This is also one of the event themes that is the most friendly to vegetarians, and that can play into your decision on a theme depending on your audience.

Mexican Theme

If you want to spice things up in a formal or informal setting, then a theme that uses Mexican food is a great way to do just that. Quesadillas, tacos, chips and salsa are all great food items that people from all backgrounds can enjoy, and your Toronto caterers will love working with the theme. You can use this kind of theme for the food no matter whether your event is informal or formal, but your decorations will differ based on the context of your event. As always, use common sense to decide what is a good idea and what is not when it comes to pleasing your guests.


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