3 Impressive Cocktails For Your Next Catered Party

RentalsYou can add fun and excitement to your party with a wide assortment of cocktails. Handcrafted cocktails are in rage now. Use of premium quality ingredients, liquors and ice will treat your taste buds and lift your spirit. Traditionally it is considered the mix of water, sugar, and spirits, but from the latter half of the nineteenth century, liquor is considered an important ingredient in these drinks. It was then that bartenders published the first literature regarding ingredients of this drink. For your party, you can have popular cocktails that have created a buzz in various party circles.

List of some top cocktails

With impressive cocktails, you can entice your guests. Services of Toronto catering ensure complex flavors, novel ingredients, and great taste. A glimpse of impressive cocktails that can be a hit at your next party include:

  • Autumn Thyme – Combination of syrup, lime juice, vodka, and raspberry makes it perfect for your party. Mix the ingredients in a mixer and serve in rock glasses with crushed ice. For garnishing, add thyme and it will enhance the taste.
  • Chartreuse Swizzle – Mix velvet falernum, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice and green chartreuse and pour it into a tall glass. Add crushed ice and then garnish with mint spring and nutmeg powder.
  • Pisco Nuevo – Add lychee, Pisco, St. Germain and orange juice in a shaker and mix well. You can add extra lychee juice and strain it to serve in rock glasses. Save an orange slice for garnish.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a wide assortment of cocktail from catering Toronto. Service staff including bartenders and wait staff will often be available for your event from your caterer or their partners. You may also need to purchase a Special Occasions Permit for serving liquor at your event Please check all local laws.

For your next party, it is indeed a great idea to include cocktails that will entice your guests. Equipped with bar tools, these professionals ensure that exact quantity of ingredients in the appropriate measurement for a perfect taste. Irrespective of the event, hiring catering services has many benefits.


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